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How rude. I had to look up a walkthrough to figure out why Fiss wasn't taking the ribbon off Wiss. I have to complete the whole puzzle just to get the right elf to pick up the item?!?

Beautiful! 😍❤️

Ah, wanted to see what would happen partway through my playthrough if I let her get max horny.

It reset my progress back to the beginning?  Didn't expect a harsh punishment like that.  In the future maybe like, just have it send her into the beginning room or something so she has to walk back to where you had her instead of resetting the whole game...

Otherwise was pretty neat though, from my half hour of playing that I did!

Welp, just have to wait till December of this year for the trilogy to be complete

Diss keeps saying that she is gonna stream and i also cant get past security


how many hot chocolate do I have to give!!! Love this game just stuck on hot chocolate 

There's something that you have to put in the hot chocolate (from Diss).

yes I found it thank you!

who is Diss

Bruh im stuck in horny jail and i cant figure out how to get out, ive found the 2 cookies and the broken horn

Bump into the side of the drawers. Hehe, I'm surprised that people are still playing this outside of Christmas! XD


Love this game. I took a hour and 5 minutes to finish. unlike the first one I and santa got play with two characters.

nice undertale reference

Got all the horns and protection, dunno what the Apricot Cookie and the Blue Candle are for?
Either way, good game.


The apricot cookie counts towards your cookie count (it's the name of my webcomic XD), and the blue candies are just there as a gag. Rest easy, you've done 100%!

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I don't know if this is a bug, but I've given Ms.Clause so much hot chocolate I think she's gonna die.

edit: it was, in fact, not a bug


just how many hot chocolates do i need to give that woman before she dies


This is hilarious, I need more games. Have you thought of making more games like this but for different holidays?

Hehe, thanks a lot! No plans currently, they take a lot of time to make, and I have other projects to work on. I'm not letting Fiss anywhere near the Easter bunny


All the puzzles are providing pain.

And Santa's Rod is making me insane.

10 out of 10 would fap again.


anddddd Part 2! (The Finale!)
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Whatttt a way to get Festive this year, thanks for making this holiday memorable!(P.S Pardon my thumbnail, I've had a busy day and ill be making one proper tomorrow!)


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is the cheese needed or is it just for a horn



Love it. Love the art style and the humor.  I'll need to do a Let's Play on this one later


Oh my gosh, that'd be so funny!! Thank you for playing!


Love both of these games, but this one was a lot harder. I had to look at a walkthrough more than once, and I don't like how you apparently can't go back to being the mouse. Despite that the writing is great and the naughty sprite art is A++.

10/10, would ruin their marriage again


Thanks a lot!! Sadly, being able to go back to a mouse was cut due to the logic being too costly. You have no idea how difficult it was getting the game to fit!

And yeah, I've seen all the complaints about the difficulty. I made the base quest line easier than the first game, with the option of going after horns for more difficultly. Didn't exactly come out as planned, everybody wants those shiny horns. :3

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Quickest time I've seen is 6 minutes 28 seconds (100%), which is 2 minutes less than my own!


i have no idea how to get past the first part. HArder then the first not gonna lie


The cookies are a big hint. I'm surprised you managed to not trigger it accidentally, you must be very precise with your movement! :)


Well thanks for the tip :). And i am pretty precise when moving lol.


i beat the game in a hour and 24 mins, it was really fun honestly. (p.s i almost gave up)

How do you get the gold key


There's a path through via the left if you look very closely. :)


An invisible path of bushes.


this games a lot harder than i thought it wouldve been lmao


Looks cool! A very high quality game created by Pico-8.


This is interesting  🤣

im still stuck on getting fiss into the village place


now im stuck on getting rid of mrs claus


I got stuck with two horns, an apricot cookie and the glass bottle. I figured I had to get the key somehow, or the mouse, but I repeated seemingly every possible interaction with every character with both of the player-controlled elves (and in different outfits) and got nothing.


You were so close to being able to finish!! (horns are optional for 100%) Find somewhere behind Diss to fill the bottle with water.